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The HG-2

83mm Conical Burr Hand Grinder
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Now Mk2 Edition

For an extended period, the HG-1 reigned supreme as the definitive standard in manual coffee grinders. However, after meticulous refinement and enhancements over the course of a decade, it has been reborn in the form of the HG-2.

Now available in the latest Mk.2 iteration, the HG series proudly showcases all the cutting-edge innovations pioneered in the KEY Mk.2 edition: an Integrated Bean Feeder housing a new bottom bearing, a 30% increase in loading capacity, and an improved Magic Tumbler to eliminate the need for RDT.

For those who grind by hand, this represents the pinnacle of what is achievable.

Availability & Delivery

The HG-2 Mk2 Silver is currently in stock, shipping from Taipei.

The HG-2 Mk2 Onyx currently in stock, shipping from Taipei and Colorado.

Note: As this is a new product, first shipments will go out by Friday June 21.

Items Included

  • HG-2 Grinder
  • 83mm TiN PVD-coated Mazzer conical burrs
  • Magic Tumbler (pat. pending)(Compatible with 58mm Portafilters)
    • Standard Tumbler & Funnel (available separately on this page)
  • Leather Basemat
  • Stainless Steel Dosing Cup
  • Amber Glass Mister for RDT
  • Integrated Cleaning Brush


  • 2-speed transmission gearbox
    (A first in a manual grinding)
  • 5 micron stepped adjustment
  • Magnetic Centering Tumbler
  • Foldable Crank Handle for minimized footprint
  • Handle-stored Cleaning Brush

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See the HG-2 in action.

Thoughtful details, 83mm Mazzer Burrs, and impeccable design play in harmony to create the ultimate in manual grind.

Thoughtful Details

83mm Mazzer Conical Burrs and Integrated Bean Feeder

These 83mm conical burrs are the largest for home/commercial grinders, ensuring exceptional grind quality across brew methods. 5,000Kg rating for outlasting several lifetimes of heavy use. Pre-aligned, pre-seasoned for great flavor extraction. TiN coating enhances longevity while food-safe. Integrated bean feeder maintains consistent grind quality.

Technical Specifications & Details


Dimensions & Specs

Dimensions (Product):
190.9mm x 215.9mm x 433.5mm (11Kg)
7.52″ x 8.50″ x 17.07″

Dimensions (Shipping):
55 x 36 x 36cm (14.5Kg)

2-Speed Manual

Dimensions & Specs

Maintenance and Cleaning

The HG-2 has been designed from the start to be both simple and easy to clean. No tools, and a full clean in seconds, not hours.

The dust lid can be removed or suspended above with magnets to reveal the bean feeder aperture at the top of the burrs. A few brush strokes and blasts of air on top can dislodge any powder above the burrs. The lower funnel is held in place by 12 strong rare earth magnets and can be removed with a simple twist of the wrist. Once exposed, the lower burrs can be brushed clean in seconds.

We believe that a good product is a clean product, and designing them to be easy to clean is fundamental to improving the quality of your coffee and the hygiene of your countertop. 

Dimensions & Specs

Burr Alignment

The HG-2 comes factory pre-aligned, and cleaning or normal use will not disrupt this. You should never need to touch this. At the factory, we make sure that each axis is aligned and centered to the best capability of the set of burrs being used. We then tighten it all down, grind an espresso shot for verification, and clean the burrs before boxing it up. This means you may see a tiny amount of coffee dust in the product, but it is not "used."

Dimensions & Specs

Burr Replacement

The HG-2’s pre-seasoned 83mm Mazzer Conical Burrs are rated for over 5,000Kg of coffee, theoretically they should last you several lifetimes. Small pebbles in your bag can throw a wrench in their longevity, however.

If you do need to replace them, we stock our burrs that come with our proprietary partial pre-seasoning and life-prolonging food safe TiN coating. Find them here.

Dimensions & Specs

User Manual

The HG-2 Quickstart Guide PDF may be downloaded here.

Dimensions & Specs