Bean Cellar Glass

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coffee bean storage for home use

I have fond childhood memories of my mother yelling at me to close that bag of potato chips when you’re done! Now as a parent, I continue the tradition and yell the same advice to my children. There are two lessons to be learnt from this: listen to your mother, and fresh food tastes better.

After purchase, most people store their coffee in the same bags it came in. Those types of bags range from Earth unfriendly plastic to more eco-conscious paper. More fastidious individuals, on the other hand, take the time to transfer their beans into sealed airtight containers. Regardless of the environmental impact, all of these techniques suffer from the same shortcoming.

Repeatedly opening and closing a bag or container exposes the coffee to outside air, which in turn results in oxidation and staleness. When you’ve just spent $19 for a pound of freshly roasted beans, there’s nothing more frustrating than discovering your coffee is prematurely stale or past its peak.

We created the Bean Cellar as a specially designed single dose container for storing whole coffee beans. Now when you buy beans, you only have to take out your scale or Bean Counter once to weigh doses of your favorite coffee. It does make a big difference it terms of convenience by not having to take out a bag, scale and dosing cup every time you want to grind a shot. And by portioning your beans in a single sitting, you expose your coffee to air only two times, first when you open your bag and finally right before you grind.

About the ONYX version:

Same as above, but the caddy has been flame charred to match the EG-1 ONYX. This version is only available when purchased together with an EG-1 ONYX grinder.