Spring Clean

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Espresso machine maintenance is paramount to both keeping the coffee flavor clean, and keeping the expensive repair man away. The process for this, however, has until now been limited to what can be done with a blind portafilter and a couple grams of detergent. The problem with this is that you are only able to clean with built-up line pressure, amounting to about 10mL per cycle of backflushed water through the line and over the solenoid into the drip tray. 

Have you ever tried taking a shower with just a cupful of water? 

What we made is a product that allows a full 250mL of water to build up in a spring-loaded reservoir, releasing that full amount back through the brewing pipe over the 3-way solenoid and into your drip tray. The invisible areas of your espresso machine, in particular that expensive 3-way solenoid, get a washing unlike any they have ever experienced.

That means less time spent cleaning, and 25x the volume of water used to clean per cycle. This helps keep your machine cleaner than ever, brew water untainted, and the time between expensive maintenance to a maximum. 

Fits all standard 58mm portafilter machines that utilize a pump and backflush system for cleaning and maintenance (the vast majority of commercial and high-grade home espresso machines). Solid stainless construction is usable with any backflush detergent.


Box Includes:

- One stainless Spring Clean unit

- Spare set of food grade silicone O-Rings

- Sachet of SuperLube for piston maintenance