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Spring Clean

Patented Espresso Machine Cleaning Device
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Model | See-Thru Polymer Model


A revolution in espresso machine cleaning, meet the patented-mechanism Spring Clean™. It allows a full 200mL of water to build up in a spring-loaded reservoir and releases that full amount back through the brewing pipe over the 3-way solenoid and into your drip tray. That means less time spent cleaning, and 20x the volume of water used to clean per cycle. A spring clean a day keeps the technician away.

Our brand new see-thru version allows you to watch the process in all its grime-removing glory, for a fraction of the price of the original.

Fits standard 58mm machines that utilize a pump and backflush system for cleaning and maintenance. This includes E61 style group heads, most LaMarzocco (all except KB-90) and Decent compatible.

NOTE: Does not fit Gaggia Classic Pro, Breville and machines with Bezzera BZ brew groups.

Availability & Delivery

The Spring Clean Polymer is currently available and shipping within 1-2 days from our US, Taipei, Hamburg, and Japan locations.

The Spring Clean Stainless is currently available and shipping within 1-2 days from our Taipei, Hamburg, and Japan locations. US orders will be shipped from Taipei.


See-Thru Polymer

This version is made from a tough food-grade and BPA/Phthalate/PFOA/PFOS-free polymer that allows you to see into the chamber to see directly how clean your machine is becoming. The silicone plunger tip is replaceable as needed. The springs are both made of stainless steel. The safety release pressure valve was developed in-house and is made entirely of stainless steel.



The original Spring Clean is made entirely of cast and precision-machined stainless steel for a lifetime of use. The Viton™ O-rings are replaceable as needed (if properly lubricated they will last virtually forever), and a spare set comes included in the package.


  • The Spring Clean™ is compatible with standard 58mm espresso machines that utilize a 3-way solenoid or employ a backflush process for cleaning the group head
  • Works on all La Marzocco machines except KB-90
  • Works on all E61 group heads
  • Works on Decent Espresso Machines
  • Does not fit machines with Bezzera BZ brew groups, Gaggia Classic Pro or Breville machines


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The Spring Clean™ in action.

Why try to clean with a thimble of water when you can access a full bucket? Your machine and your coffee will thank you.

Thoughtful Details

Safety Valve

For the see-thru version, we developed in-house our own safety valve made entirely of stainless steel. It is set to deploy at 1 bar of pressure to keep the 9-12 bars of pressure off of the retaining tabs.

Technical Specifications & Details


Technical Details (See-Thru Polymer Version)

  • Size: 70mm diameter x 120mm height

  • Weight: 120g

  • Material: Shockproof and food-grade BPA/Phlalate/PFOS/PFOA-free Nylon

Technical Details (See-Thru Polymer Version)

How Backflushing Works

We made this explanatory video so you can see why backflushing is beneficial to your machine, and what actually happens on the inside. We hope you like it.

Technical Details (See-Thru Polymer Version)

Instruction Manual

A PDF of the instruction manuals can be downloaded from links below:

  • Polymer Spring Clean here.
  • Stainless Steel Spring here.
Technical Details (See-Thru Polymer Version)