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The EG-1

80mm Flat Burr Electric Grinder, ONYX pre-orders shipping in December
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For both pour over and espresso style preparations, the EG-1 is Weber Workshop’s 80mm premier flat burr grinder for the specialty coffee trade.

The EG-1 ships standard with Weber Workshop's CORE magnetically mounted burr set, designed to be used for everything from pour-over to espresso. We also offer the ULTRA burrs for pour-over, and the BASE burrs for a bimodal grind characteristic more similar to a conical burr machine. Shipping DECEMBER 2022.

Items Included

 EG-1 Grinder
(Works on all voltages 90v-240v worldwide). CE Certified.

  • Blind Shaker 
  • CORE burrs come pre-installed. ULTRA burrs may be added for an additional $200 if purchased together. ($150 off)
  • New Magnetic solid oak Platean for 2022, self-centers the Blind Shaker
  • US-style 3-prong electrical cable. Can be localized with C13 style cable (like a computer).

Included with Onyx

The EG-1 Onyx is our premier offering of our premier grinder. In addition to a sleek, onyx colorway, the Onyx EG-1 ships with a few additional items.

  • Our full-grain Black Leather Tamping Mat
  • Our ULTRA burrs by SSP

If you're keeping a dark motif, you can pair your Onyx EG-1 with our Onyx Glass Bean Cellars (sold separately).


The EG-1 is currently available for preorder. Pease be aware that import duties may be owed upon receipt of the item. All new orders after September 1st are expected to ship DECEMBER 2022.

Recommended Pairings

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EG-1 Burrs

Regular price $225 – $350
Regular price Sale price $225 – $350 USD
We designed the EG-1 from the ground up, centered around the burrs. Click through to shop all 3 options.

Bean Cellar Glass

Regular price $320
Regular price Sale price $320 USD
The original glass bean cellars for the ultimate in single-dosing coffee storage and display.


Regular price $365 – $395
Regular price Sale price $365 – $395 USD
Your espresso deserves the best
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We set out to build the perfect flat-burr grinder. Zero-retention. Perfect for filter, impeccable on espresso. The EG-1 is the result of that effort. Your search is over.

5 Micron Stepped Adjustment

Simple stepped adjustment easily takes you from Turkish-fine to v60 ready.

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Technical Specifications & Details



235mm d, 245mm w, 456mm h

(9.25" x 11" x 18") 


Maintenance & Cleaning

The cleaning process for the EG-1 is easy.  The grind chamber can be opened, thoroughly cleaned and resealed in about 30 seconds. The top and bottom funnel caps form a clam shell grind chamber and are secured together using sets of strong rare earth (Neodymium) magnets. The caps easily snap off the front of the unit, providing the barista with complete and unobstructed access to the burr set and wiper system.

The upper dosing dish has also been designed to be easily removed for cleaning. Held in place by a pair of Neodymium magnets and a set of stainless steel pins, the dish can be quickly uncoupled from the grinder for a quick wipe down.

At the end of the shift, in the middle, or even when changing the beans, it’s fast and easy to clear the grinder of any lingering residue. Ease of cleaning offers more options for using different roasts in high volume environments or in other service situations such as cupping rooms or roasting labs.


Burr Alignment

A common complaint with commercial grinders is the inability to check or adjust burr alignment. In the majority of machines, burrs are buried deep inside the grinder which makes a visual or mechanical inspection impossible. If there is an issue, evidenced by uneven burr wear or inconsistent shots, manufactures don’t offer adjustment mechanisms to calibrate a burr set after assembly.

We designed the EG-1 to make it simple for the user to both verify and adjust burr alignment. Without the use of any tools, the EG-1 burr set is fully accessible in less than 20 seconds. Ease of access to the burr set facilitates both regular maintenance and daily cleaning. If necessary, adjustments to alignment can be made with a 4mm metric hex key in a matter of moments without having to disassemble the grinder.


Burr Replacement

We reinvented the burr mount to make this easier to do than with any other commercial coffee grinder. With a 4mm hex tool and 5 minutes spare time, you can swap and perfectly align your EG-1 burrs to any of our 3 burr options depending on the grind profile you are going after.


User Manual & Documentation

A full PDF of the user manual may be downloaded here.