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Better Extraction Dynamics
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With the Unifilter™ we created a portafilter revolution. Weber Workshops is extending that concept to the Unibasket™, utilizing the same construction and improvements on extraction that the Unifilter™ brought, but in a “drop-in” basket form. Current orders shipping in Early July 2023.

The Unibasket™ is a portafilter basket created from a single, thick piece of stainless steel. Whereas typical baskets are made from thin wafers, the Unibasket™ is forged from a 1.2mm thick blank of metal. The added thickness dramatically improves the rigidity of the puck during extraction by not allowing the bottom face to bow outwards, a common cause of puck cracking and channeling during extraction. 



The Unibasket is made from a solid piece of Stainless 304 material. All of the holes are individually laser-ablated and go right up to the vertical wall edge, giving a true 58.5mm puck from top to bottom. Made for 18g ~22g shots (and higher or lower with use or elimination of puck screen).

Included in package

  • 1 Unibasket™
  • 1 Retaining Spring (for use with standard 58mm portafilter body)
  • 1 Pack of EPFs (Espresso Paper Filters) - Unifilter size
  • 1 Stainless Steel puck screen


  • The height of the Unibasket is 26mm. If the existing basket in your spouted portafilter is shorter than that, the Unibasket may interfere with the bottom of the group handle. 
  • The Unibasket will fit most bottomless group handles. It is NOT COMPATIBLE with bottomless group handles by ECM, Slayer, Gaggia, and Breville. 





The Unibasket™ is in production and shipping as soon as inventory arrives. All current orders are expected to ship in early July 2023.

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The unibody portafilter that started the revolution.

Espresso Paper Filter

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Extra premium-grade filters for perfect extractions. Unibasket uses Unifilter size.
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The Unibasket™ in action.

For about a hundred years, the basic construction of the portafilter has remained the same. We decided to change that.

Full Extraction Area

Due to how they are manufactured, typical 58mm baskets have angled side walls and only 48mm diameter of usable hole diameter. The Unibasket™ has straight internal walls, and a full array of holes to the side walls for even extraction throughout the puck.

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Technical Specifications & Details


Technical Details

  • Size: 71mm diameter x 26mm height

  • Weight: 59g

  • Material: Stainless 304