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Magic Tumbler Lid

Converts Magic Tumbler to Magic Shaker
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Several recent independent studies have reconfirmed that the Blind Shaker™ remains the gold standard in puck prep optimization, and Weber is committed to making the process more widely accessible.

As part of this effort, we made a lid to allow the conversion of the Magic Tumbler into a Magic Shaker. Our solution includes magnets to securely couple the lid to the magic tumbler, so you can shake your grounds with confidence. The same great grounds-repelling surface finish on the inside, free of all PFOS/PFOA coatings for safe shaking. Zero overspill and proven shake homogenization; the best of all worlds. This works for all generations of Magic Tumbler, for the KEY or the HG series.

Please note this is just the lid. Magic Tumbler sold separately.

Items Included

  • One Magic Tumbler lid, compatible with all generations of KEY and HG series Magic Tumblers.
  • 3 spare food-grade elastomer dots to keep plunger secure.

Build Details

The Magic Tumbler Lid is constructed from anodized aluminum. All interior surfaces are extremely low-energy and repel coffee grounds better than any other materials we tested, all without using chemical or any PFOS/PFOA/Teflon coatings. 

The neodymium magnets are made to pair with those of the Magic Tumbler, ensuring a secure fit during shaking.

Cleaning Recommendations

Clean with warm water and a cloth only. Not dishwasher safe. Avoid abrasive chemicals and cleaning agents.

Availability & Delivery

Availability: late July

Recommended Pairing

Magic Tumbler

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The body that fits the lid. For all generations of KEY and HG series.
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Re-popularized by one of our favorite YouTubers, the Blind Shaker functionality brought to our Magic Tumbler family for the best of both worlds.

See Magic Tumbler Lid in Action