A New Twist on No-Bypass

The BIRD takes coffee deep into the uncharted territory between espresso and pour-over.

The EG-1

The final word in single dose grinding. The end of endgame.

The Key Mk.2

We've released Mk.2 of SCAA 2021 Expo's Best New Product. The best gets better.

The original Blind Shaker

The single best tool for optimized espresso extractions.

The Bird
The EG-1
The Key
Blind Shaker

Daily instruments that better your daily routine.

We founded Weber Workshops out of a common desire to build products that are intelligently designed and meticulously crafted.

Daily instruments that make your daily routine easier and better – tools artists use to drive the art forward.

The creative diversity and well-storied backgrounds of our founders, employees and board members reflect these beliefs. We are artists, engineers, dreamers and madmen.

Through this lens we look at things differently, with a critical eye on how and what we can improve, or what we can tear down and begin anew.

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Unibasket Espresso Portafilter Basket Revolution Extraction

Meet the catalyst of the portafilter basket revolution.

With the Unifilter we created a portafilter revolution. Weber Workshops is extending that concept to the Unibasket, utilizing the same construction and improvements on extraction that the Unifilter brought, but in a “drop-in” basket form.

Improved extraction through a reinvented manufacturing process. Holes to the edges, built to last for life, immediate improvements in the cup.

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New Unifilter Portafilter Unibody Espresso

Revolutionary new portafilter unveiled at WOC Copenhagen

We recreated the portafilter out of a single piece of stainless steel. No more removable basket, unprecedented extraction geometry, a giant leap for espresso.

Use, rinse, wipe, repeat. As simple as it gets, setting a new bar for espresso quality.

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