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Exploring the uncharted middle ground between espresso and pour-over ratios.
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Say hello to Weber's first coffee brewer: The BIRD™.

Its unique design stands apart from espresso, French Press, or pour-over to create something all its own: a rich and complex coffee brewed in a sleek, innovative machine with minimal fuss. Short for Brew In Reverse Direction, the BIRD is the first non-bypass brewer to create piston-driven vacuum brews in a glass device. The BIRD is an entirely new platform for baristas and coffee aficionados to explore uncharted territories in brewing, both in homes and in cafés alike.

Availability & Delivery

The BIRD will be released in very limited initial runs, all shipping direct from our Taipei warehouse. Customers worldwide will be responsible for shipping and duties. Higher volume production and localized distribution will scale up from Spring-Summer 2024. 


Meticulous attention to detail and thoughtful material selection come together to provide:

  • No-bypass brewing of up to 350mL 
  • Patent-pending brewing mechanism
  • Thick & robust borosilicate glass
  • Stainless 316 brewing Pod
  • Stainless 304 Drive Shaft
  • Solid brass Wingnut mechanism
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning

No-Bypass Brewing

No-bypass brewing has long-been established as a preferred method amongst coffee aficionados. The BIRD turbocharges no-bypass with precise user-controlled vacuum pressure, giving the barista complete control of extraction while allowing for much finer grinding than typical pour-overs. The BIRD is a platform for everything from quick brews to overnight cold-brews. We will share our own recipes, as well as those from several industry-leading coffee cognoscenti we have worked with throughout the development process. 

Items Included

Every BIRD ships with the following in the box:

  • One BIRD device.
  • One stainless mesh reusable filter.
  • 300 Abaca paper filters, made in Japan for WW by Cafec.
  • One solid anodized aluminum Filter Paper Dock with microfiber foot.
  • One silicone rubber Drip Catcher for easy cleanup.

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See BIRD in Action

The BIRD takes coffee deep into the uncharted territory between espresso and pour-over.

Key Features

Clever Agitation

Hold the crown and perform a couple of up & down plunges to fully agitate your coffee.

Tidy Brewing

Well-thought steps to get your bird clean as a whistle.

Vacuum Powered No-Bypass

Glass is not just glass. We use thick (3mm) high-borosilicate glass tubing, fusing a separate disc onto the bottom. Normal glassware would be glob-formed, but we start with high-precision tubing to ensure an accurate fit with our vacuum brewing Pod.

Pod Filtration

The Pod is a Stainless 316 precision-crafted dynamic filter. It holds the grounds before brewing, and contains the vacuum-creating gasket to help extract your coffee, with or without a paper filter.

Filter Paper Dock

Every BIRD comes with a fully machined and anodized Filter Paper Dock with a microfiber foot for a tidy countertop. For EG-1 users, the Dock contains a magnet for auto-centering on the shoulder.

Thoughtful Details

Noble Materials

Borosilicate Glass. Stainless 316 brewing Pod. Solid brass Wingnut and Crown. Anodized Aluminum Cap and Handle. Materials and manufacturing processes more closely associated with high-end watches, but we engineered them to revolutionize your cup of Joe.

Design Journey

No-bypass brewing. In reverse direction.

Our first brewer has landed. A collaborative effort between the Weber Workshops team and Christopher Flechtner, the BIRD was designed and refined over the course of more than a year. We worked through dozens of iterations to bring you a new twist to no-bypass brewing.

Collaborative Ideation

Collaborative Ideation

Say hello to Chris: an American designer based in Kyoto, Japan, with a professional career centered around coffee. Chris is well-known as the lead industrial designer for Slayer espresso machines, but his experience extends into multiple industries. With a similar background to our own CEO, they have been friends for years in search of a project to collaborate on. There enters BIRD.

Prototyping & Iteration

Prototyping & Iteration

Working from Christopher's initial concept, we began iterating. Prototype on prototype, brew on brew. We make countless adjustments, making sure we bring every element to perfection. After numerous iterations, CAD files, and many cups of coffee, the BIRD finally landed.

Brew Testing

Brew Testing

To say we made a lot of coffee is an understatement. When our caffeine-addled brains tapped out and our refractometers refracted no more, we reached out to our industry friends. Clean cup AND mouthfeel? How!? The line between filter coffee and espresso has officially been blurred by the BIRD.

Uncharted Territory

Uncharted Territory

With espresso at 6-9 Bars of pressure with superfine grinds, and pour-over and French press at 0 bars and coarse grinds, there is a vast area of unexplored techniques and flavors in between. Illustrated by our friend Jonathan Gagné, the BIRD is a vessel to take you into that uncharted region.

Brew Guide

Pod Prep

Prepare the brew pod using the stainless filter, additional paper filter optional. Use the brewing arm to carefully push the brew pod to bottom of the glass. Do not prewet paper.

Grind & Dose

Grind 20-35g fresh coffee and dose into brewer, adding 300-400mL of preheated brewing water on top.

Agitate & Wait

Use the brewing arm to agitate the coffee and water evenly. Let sit for as long (or short) as your recipe calls for.

Vacuum Filter

After brew time is up, rotate the Wingnut, which raises the Drive Shaft, and pulls up the Pod. This creates a vacuum beneath the Pod, separating the grounds from the coffee, leaving you with a perfectly filtered cup.


Snap brew pod into the drip catcher, and enjoy your coffee. After the brew pod has finished cooling, remove the pod cap and compost your puck. Rinse all parts with warm soapy water to clean. Don't place the BIRD or any of its parts in the dishwasher.

Technical Specifications & Details


Dimensions & Specs

Dimensions & Weight (Product)
85mm diameter (glass) x 180mm height

830g (dry)

Dimensions & Weight (Shipping Box)
315mm x 150mm x 225mm (12.4" x 5.91" x 8.86")

1.9Kg (4lb)

Coffee Capacity
20-35g of ground coffee

Brew Capacity
Up to 400g water in, 350g coffee out. 

Dimensions & Specs

Maintenance and Cleaning

We believe that a good product is a clean product, and designing them to be easy to clean is fundamental to improving the quality of your coffee and the hygiene of your countertop. 

The BIRD parts can all be disassembled and rinsed in a matter of seconds. The Drip Catcher aids the barista with a temporary holding zone for the POD after brewing, so you can get right to your coffee with all the mess contained for later. This also allows the coffee puck to cool before handling, making the whole process more enjoyable.

Please use only soap and dish detergent with the BIRD. As a precision instrument, it is not dishwasher safe.

Dimensions & Specs

BIRD User Manual

The PDF for the BIRD user manual can be dowloaded here.

Dimensions & Specs