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Grounds Funnel & Standard Tumbler

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Color | Silver Finished in Silver
Style | Funnel Style


If you purchased your KEY (either Mk i or Mk ii) or HG-2 with the Magic Tumbler, the Magic Tumbler also acts as your funnel and grounds catcher. If you prefer a more traditional workflow, we have the solution for you.

The Grounds Funnel attaches magnetically to the exit point of the burrs to channel the grounds into a standard tumbler, a blind shaker, or directly into a dosing cup or portafilter if you have it configured to do so. It is made from solid anodized aluminum with a polished interior wall to eliminate static retention. The neodymium magnets are embedded in the top rim. Comes with a static wiper also made with food-safe and anti-static resin.

The Standard Tumbler is made from solid anodized aluminum with polished insides to repel coffee grounds. Pull the plug and cleanly transfer coffee either directly to your portafilter (fits 49mm, 58mm, and Aeropress) or into a brewing cone for pour-over. Also includes an embedded magnet in the bottom for auto-centering on both the HG-2 and KEY coffee grinders.

Comes with or without the Standard Tumbler (choose option).

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