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The HG-2

83mm Conical Burr Hand Grinder
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The HG-1 represented a true revolution in hand grinding, but we firmly believe every tool can be iterated on and improved. With the benefit of lessons learned ourselves and from our customers, we went back to the drawing board to completely redesign and re-engineer the HG-1. The result? The new gold standard of hand grinders: the HG-2. New orders ship immediately.

Availability & Delivery

The HG-2 Silver is currently in stock and ships with 1-2 days from our US warehouse.

The HG-2 Onyx currently out of stock, arriving mid May

Note: Import duties may be owed upon receipt.

Items Included

  • HG-2 Grinder
  • 83mm TiN PVD-coated Mazzer conical burrs
  • Choice of:
    • Magic Tumbler (pat. pending)
      (Compatible with 58mm Portafilters)
    • Standard Tumbler & Funnel 
      (available separately on this page)
  • Leather Basemat
  • Stainless Steel Dosing Cup
  • Amber Glass Mister for Ross Droplet Technique
    (Anti-static method for grinding) 
  • Integrated Cleaning Brush


  • 2-speed transmission gearbox
    (A first in a manual grinding)
  • 5 micron stepped adjustment
  • Magnetic Centering Tumbler
  • Foldable Crank Handle for minimized footprint
  • Handle-stored Cleaning Brush

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See the HG-2 in action.

Thoughtful details, 83mm Mazzer Burrs, and impeccable design play in harmony to create the ultimate in manual grind.

Thoughtful Details

83mm Mazzer Conical Burrs

83mm Mazzer burrs, factory pre-aligned. We partially pre-season them and lock in the longevity with a food-safe TiN coating. Rated for 5,000Kg, or several lifetimes of delicious coffee. There is no consumer grinder with bigger or more capable conical burrs than these.

Technical Specifications & Details


Dimensions & Specs

Dimensions (Product):
190.9mm x 215.9mm x 433.5mm (11Kg)
7.52″ x 8.50″ x 17.07″

Dimensions (Shipping):
55 x 36 x 36cm (14.5Kg)

2-Speed Manual

Dimensions & Specs

Maintenance and Cleaning

The HG-2 has been designed from the start to be both simple and easy to clean. No tools, and a full clean in seconds, not hours.

The upper funnel can be lifted away to reveal the top of the burr set. A few strokes with the brush that's always ready to deploy from the handle removes any stray coffee grounds. The lower funnel is held in place by 12 strong rare earth magnets and can be removed with a simple twist of the wrist. Once exposed, the lower burrs can be brushed clean in seconds.

We believe that a good product is a clean product, and designing them to be easy to clean is fundamental to improving the quality of your coffee and the hygiene of your countertop. 

Dimensions & Specs

Burr Alignment

The HG-2 comes factory pre-aligned, and cleaning or normal use will not disrupt this. If you do a full teardown and clean, you may want to re-align your grinder. The HG-2 is designed to be accurately aligned to an incredibly precise level in a matter of minutes.

For a simple but accurate alignment, just do the following:

  1. Adjust the grind setting to its coarsest level

  2. Using the 5mm hex key included with every HG-2, lightly loosen the two bolts below the Burr Mount. These bolts are visible when looking up at the bottom burr, near the main body. The outer burr and its holder should still be able to move along the flat surfaces when pushed, but should not be so loose they sag.

  3. While slowly cranking the grinder, slowly adjust the grind setting finer until burrs begin to rub.

  4. Continue adjusting finer until just before the burrs are no longer able to spin. At this point, the burrs have reached peak concentricity.

  5. Tighten the two bolts below the Burr Mount to lock the alignment in place.

  6. Loosen the grind setting to un-bind the burrs. You’ll need a full-turn away from the locked position to be in a usable range.

Dimensions & Specs

Burr Replacement

The HG-2’s pre-seasoned 83mm Mazzer Conical Burrs are rated for over 5,000Kg of coffee, theoretically they should last you several lifetimes. Small pebbles in your bag can throw a wrench in their longevity, however.

If you do need to replace them, we stock our burrs that come with our proprietary partial pre-seasoning and life-prolonging food safe TiN coating. Find them here.

Dimensions & Specs

User Manual

The HG-2 Quickstart Guide PDF may be downloaded here.

Dimensions & Specs