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World's First Unibody Portafilter
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Our latest timepiece disguised as a portafilter — an update to one of our favorite creations — the Unifilter.

We recreated the portafilter out of a single piece of stainless steel for an optimal extraction geometry. No more removable basket, unprecedented extraction geometry, improved thermal stability; a giant leap for espresso. Use it, rinse it, wipe it, with no other routine maintenance for better tasting, higher extraction yield espresso.

Availability & Delivery

The new Unifilter is available for immediate delivery. All inventory will ship direct from Taipei warehouse (duty may be incurred) until we are stocked at our other locations (Colorado, Hamburg/Germany, and Japan).


The Unifilter is made from a solid piece of forged, machined, and hand-polished Stainless 304 material. All of the holes are individually laser-ablated and go right up to the vertical wall edge, giving a true 58.5mm puck from top to bottom. Made for 18g ~22g shots (and higher or lower with use or elimination of puck screen), but 20g at a medium roast is a good estimate of dose size.


All handles have a solid stainless steel core to give them heft and longevity. That is covered either by a thick FKM rubber sleeve, or a cored-out piece of solid teak wood sanded and finished with a German non-VOC oil.

Included in package

  • 1 Unifilter, with either FKM Rubber or Teak handle.
  • 1 pack of 100 EPFs (Espresso Paper Filters) to try out.
  • 1 Puck Saver


  • Fits standard 58mm portafilter groups with exposed group
    (La Marzocco, Slayer, Synesso, Kees VanDer Westen, E61 group head, etc.)
  • Does not fit Decent and Flair 58 machines. Customers looking for these should opt for the BUCK together with the Unibasket.

    Victoria Arduino & La Marzocco (Micra and new Mini) Compatibility Note: The Unifilter is compatible with VA machines, however it locks in significantly to the right of center. 

Recommended Pairings

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Unifilter extraction, drop-in basket form.

Espresso Paper Filter

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Extra premium-grade filters for perfect extractions
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The Unifilter in action.

For about a hundred years, the basic construction of the portafilter has remained the same. We decided to change that.

Thoughtful Details

Exquisite Manufacturing

Inspired by the generations of refinement in the watchmaking industry, the Unifilter is made unlike any portafilter to date. It is a timepiece, only it makes espresso instead of keeping time.

Technical Specifications & Details


Technical Details

  • Size: 220mm x 85mm x 30mm (8.6" length, 3.3" width, 1.2" high)

  • Weight: 18oz (520g)

  • Material (body): Stainless 304

  • Material (handle): Black FKM rubber or Teak wood

Technical Details


This is how we envision the future of espresso shot preparation.

Technical Details