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The Key Mk. I

83mm Conical Burr Electric Grinder
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The Key is our latest revolution in conical burr single-dose grinding.
We’ve built a massive, 83mm conical burr set into the most compact, space-saving design possible.The burrs and mount define the width of the Key, so it takes up a fraction of the space required by grinders with burrs only a fraction of the size.

SCAA 2021 Product of the Year.

Key Features

Created by the engineers and designers behind the iPod nano, we took great care to pack a lot into a small package.

  • Built-in Cleaning Brush with Replaceable Head
  • Easy RPM Adjustment Knob
  • Compatible with both Standard (49mm & 58mm) and Magic (58mm) Tumbler Configurations
  • Magnetic Tumbler Centering on Hardwood Landing Pad
  • Tumbler configurations are interchangeable with our HG-2 Hand Grinder

83mm Burrs

The KEY is built around the massive 83mm conical burr set. We source our burrs exclusively from Mazzer, but apply our own unique secondary processes to partially season them so they are usable out of the box, and then seal in the edge with a life-prolonging and completely food safe TiN coating. Perfect for the single-dosing café or the home.

Items Included

Every KEY Grinder ships with the following in the box:

  • KEY Grinder Main Unit (SNOW or ONYX
  • Bean Feeder for KEY
  • No fuss plug-in-anywhere-in-the-world (90-240v). Ships with US-style 3-prong, but can use C13 cable (same as a computer) for localization in your country if needed.
  • Our proprietary food safe Titanium PVD-coated Mazzer burrs, installed and factory pre-aligned.
  • Magic Tumbler (Patented, fits 58mm) OR new Standard Tumbler (fits 49mm & 58mm)
  • Magnetic Hardwood Landing Pad
  • Hex wrenches for assembly and maintenance


We are caught up on production and carrying inventory. The KEY is now in stock and shipping worldwide.

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See KEY in Action

The Key's burrs and mount define its width, giving it the punch of Goliath with the footprint of David. That makes the Key the most precise, repeatable, and cleanable conical grinder in the world.

Thoughtful Details

83mm Mazzer Conical Burrs

83mm Mazzer burrs, factory pre-aligned. We partially pre-season them and lock in the longevity with a food-safe TiN coating. Rated for 5,000Kg, or several lifetimes of delicious coffee.

Technical Specifications & Details


Dimensions & Specs

Dimensions & Weight (Product)
248mm x 109.2mm x 349.6mm, 9Kg
(9.76″ x 4.30″ x 13.76″) 

Dimensions & Weight (Shipping Box)
41 x 61 x 24cm, 14Kg

Input Voltage
90-240V (Globally compatible)

350W Max

Power Connector
C13 Adapter - Compatible with any plug type
(Ships with Type-B Plug, for U.S. & Canada)

Dimensions & Specs

Magic Tumbler Wiper Installation

The Key with Magic Tumbler will arrive with the Magic Tumbler installed, but not the integrated Weiss Distribution Technique (WDT) wiper. We've put together the following video to help with installation. You'll need the included 5mm Hex Key included in the box, the included stainless steel retaining washer, the wiper itself, and a bit less than 5 minutes.

Dimensions & Specs

Maintenance and Cleaning

The KEY has been designed from the start to be both simple and easy to clean. No tools, and a full clean in seconds, not hours.

The upper funnel can be lifted away to reveal the top of the burr set. A few strokes with the brush that's always ready to deploy removes any stray coffee grounds. The lower funnel is held in place by 12 strong rare earth magnets and can be removed with a simple twist of the wrist. Once exposed, the lower burrs can be brushed clean in seconds.

We believe that a good product is a clean product, and designing them to be easy to clean is fundamental to improving the quality of your coffee and the hygiene of your countertop. 

Dimensions & Specs

Key Workflow

Daily use, workflow, cleaning, and maintenance of the KEY Coffee Grinder.

Dimensions & Specs

KEY User Manual

The PDF for the KEY QuickStart user manual can be dowloaded here.

The full KEY manual can be downloaded here.

Dimensions & Specs