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Looking Glass

Gimbaling Oleophobic Mirror
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We can’t help but bend down and look up at the perforations of the portafilter for those moments when the first drops start to converge and drip into the cup. The Looking Glass was designed to give us an easy way to do so. Fully adjustable, with a removable, vacuum-coated, oleophobic mirror.

Build Quality

The base and mirror gimbal is a solid chunk of machined 6061 aluminum with a hard black anodized coating. A stainless bolt holds the magnetic stainless ball to the base and is covered with an elastomer foot to keep the mirror where you place it without scratching your drip tray.

The mirror is a circular piece of chemically strengthened glass with a PVDed metallic back (mirror) and a vacuum-chamber coated oleophobic coating as is used on high-end smartphones.

Simple construction with luxurious materials just make it fun and handy to have on the workbench.

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A well-pulled shot is a thing of beauty. We've made it easy to enjoy.