Coffee Brush

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When we started designing coffee grinders that were intended to be cleaned daily, we realised that the perfect brush was yet to be found. As with most of our endeavors, we took to pen and paper and engineering fundamentals to make the best darned coffee cleaning brush ever. 

We started with the bristles. Most brushes are just too soft to scrape away the stickier chunks of coffee. What we arrived at was a mixture of horse and boar hairs, in a roughly 60:40 ratio. This allowed the brush to have the right combination of firm and soft bristles. This allows the brush to both get into the tight crevices and softly brush away powders from the easy surfaces.

Next was the shape. It needed to be long enough to hold comfortable, but short enough to get into the harder to reach angles of the grinder. The bristles also needed to be cut to get deep into the 83mm conical burrs of the HG-1.

We put this all together in a rosewood handle with a solid brass holding collar. We care about cleanliness, and we believe that daily process should be a joyous one.