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Coffee Brush

Beautiful Cleanliness Enhancer
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We set out to design the perfect coffee cleaning brush, easy to use, ergonomic, and beautiful. What we arrived at was a brush with a 60:40 ratio of long-cut horse and boar hairs, to provide the right combination of firm and soft bristles. We gave it a long handle, for a comfortable hold, and put it all together with a rosewood handle and a brass holding collar.

Build Quality

We designed the Coffee Brush with a solid, ergonomic rosewood handle. The brushes are a 60 to 40 ratio of long-cut horse hairs and boar hairs, to provide the perfect combination of firm and soft bristles for cleaning between burr sets, and wiping off counters. 

Optional Nylon Bristles

For our friends who are less comfortable using animal products to clean their workspace and tools, we offer an alternative set of brush head with nylon bristles that works excellently.

Replaceable Head

Both the nylon and animal hair bristle options are easily replaceable, via a quick unscrew, rescrew process. Please find the replacement brush product below. 

Recommended Pairing

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