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EG-1 Oak Platen

Always centered
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We’ve made the same magnetic self-centering found in the Key Grinder available in the EG-1. Integrating perfectly into the EG-1 portafilter rail system, magnets hidden under a solid oak platen effortlessly position your blind shaker or tumbler for each grind.

From 2022 forward, all EG-1s will ship standard with the self-centering platen, but it’s compatible with all generations of the EG-1.

Included in box

The EG-1 Platen includes a full platen with portafilter rail locking mechanism so that it will fit onto any EG-1. The magnet is hidden underneath the solid oak disc to work together with late 2021~ blind shakers (shaker not included).


  • Works with all EG-1 models. 
  • Works with late 2021 and later blind shakers with the magnet included in the plug.
  • Earlier generation blind shakers can be retrofitted with magnet to make compatible (can include free with shipment).

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Blind Shaker

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The perfect companion, now including the magnet inside to work together with the Platen.
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