Magic Tumbler

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Grinding & Redistribution Tool

Patent-pending and immediately a hit, the Magic Tumbler is the future of grounds control, today. Originally introduced with our HG2 and KEY grinder products, we are also offering the Magic Tumbler as a stand-alone accessory.  The magnets along the rim attach in lieu of the exit funnel on the HG-2, KEY, and HG-1 products so that there is absolutely zero overspray.

The Magic Tumbler comes with a wiper and a super flexible stainless steel redistribution tool. The stainless wire dips into the just-ground coffee and automatically performs the Weiss Distribution Technique (WDT), eliminating one more step before you pull your shot or start your brew. All interior surfaces are super low energy and repel coffee grounds better than anything we've tested, without using chemical or PTFE (teflon) coatings.

The static wiper is made with special food-grade anti-static resin, and the flexible stainless stirring rod is replaceable as needed (and comes with 2 extra spares). 

Note: Made to fit 58mm baskets. For 49mm baskets please check out our Blind Tumbler instead. Also backwards compatible with HG-1 grinders. Clean with warm water and a cloth wipe only. No dishwasher or harsh/abrasive chemicals.