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Blind Tumbler

Grinding & Redistribution Tool
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Engineered for both standard 58mm and smaller 49mm portafilter baskets, the blind tumbler is designed to provide an easy method to redistribute grounds before tamping. Grind directly into the Blind Tumbler, give the grounds a quick stir to de-clump and homogenize, place the Blind Tumbler atop your portafilter, pull the plug to release the grounds, tamp, and pull your shot.

Please Note: This product is a tumbler, not a shaker, and therefore was not designed to incorporate a lid. If you're looking for our Blind Shaker®, you can find it HERE.

Build Quality

The Blind Tumbler is constructed from anodized aluminum and finished with our proprietary process to polish-smooth all interior surfaces to prevent grounds sticking.

Why Stir?

Stirring helps to reduce static, decrease channeling, and increase extraction yield on every espresso shot. It also cleans up the workflow and keeps the powder off of the countertop.

Cleaning Recommendations

Clean with warm water and a cloth only. Not dishwasher safe. Avoid abrasive chemicals and cleaning agents.

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The Blind Shaker grinds redistribution tool is perfectly engineered to help reduce static, decrease channeling, and increase extraction.
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Thoughtful Details

Coffee Grounds Repellant Finish

We developed our own proprietary finishing process that literally repels coffee without the use of chemicals or coatings.