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EG-1 Fork & Ring Set

Always centered
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Have an EG-1 and want to grind directly into your portafilter? Prefer the original design? We still make the original Fork and Ring, and still keep them in stock just in case.

*Note: From 2022 forward, all EG-1s will ship standard with the self-centering platen, but all rail accessories are compatible with all generations of the EG-1.

Included in box

The EG-1 Fork & Ring Set includes the Fork and Ring with portafilter rail locking mechanism that will fit onto any generation EG-1. It also includes a black anodized dosing ring for dosing directly into a 58mm portafilter or Unifilter. The Ring will fit perfectly with all blind shakers and tumblers (not included). 


  • Works with all EG-1 models. 
  • Ring fits all blind shakers and tumblers.
  • Dosing funnel works with all 58mm portafilters & Unifilter.

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Blind Shaker

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The perfect companion, now including the magnet inside to work together with the Platen.


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Directly dose into your Unifilter
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