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Unifilter® - 49mm

Now for the Olympia Cremina and La Pavoni Machines
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Say hello to the 49mm Unifilter®. You asked, we delivered. The revolutionary Unifilter®, where the basket and the portafilter become one and the extractions are unprecedented, is now available in an exclusive presale for 49mm machines. If you own an Olympia Cremina ('67 - 2023) or a La Pavoni, your coffee and your palate will thank you for this upgrade.


Built in exactly the same way as its big brother, we start with a solid mass of stainless that goes through a series of transformative manufacturing process to create a seamless, hardened, polished, and everlasting form to further enhance your espresso. Just like its 58mm counterpart, it will be available with a solid stainless core FKM rubber or Teak handle. Re-envisioned, reinvented, recreated, and fully revolutionary.


FREE TAMPER: To show our appreciation for lever espresso culture and for entrusting us with this project, we are including a free custom-designed-and-fabricated tamper made to match the Unifilter® 49. Made with a stainless-core, solid teak handle (same as the Unifilter®), it's another heirloom quality object fitted perfectly to the Unifilter® 49. Available exclusively with the pre-order purchase. 


PLEASE NOTE: Available for PREORDER only. 


BODY: The Unifilter is made from a solid piece of Stainless 304 material. All of the holes are individually laser-ablated and go right up to the vertical wall edge, giving a true 49mm puck from top to bottom. Made for 16-18g shots (depending on the roast level and/or bean density).

HANDLES: All handles have a solid stainless steel core to give them heft and longevity. That is covered either by a thick FKM rubber sleeve, or a cored-out solid piece of solid teak wood sanded and finished with a non-VOC oil.

PRESALE NOTES / Availability

The Unifilter® 49 is available as PREORDER only. The final version is expected to vary slightly from the images shown (we plan to make it look even better), but the fit and finish will be the same.


Orders expected to begin shipping November 2023. We'll get them to you as early as we can, and we know exactly what to do to get there.

Included in package

  • One Unifilter®, with either FKM Rubber or Teak handle.
  • One 49mm custom WW Tamper with solid stainless core and solid Teak handle.


The Unifilter® 49 is designed to fit all eras and models of Olympia Cremina machines, as well as the La Pavoni 49mm home lever machines. 

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The Unifilter™ 49 in action.

The same breakthrough that revolutionized 58mm machine extractions, now available for your favorite 49mm machine.

Basket Holes Active Area

Due to how they are manufactured, typical 49mm baskets have angled side walls and only ~37mm diameter of usable hole diameter. The Unifilter® 49 has straight internal walls and a full array of holes to the side walls for even extraction throughout the puck. This is 75% more area (or elimination of the 43% loss), but the results are profound and delicious.

Detail Images

Technical Specifications & Details


Technical Details

  • Size: 190mm x 63mm x 27mm
  • Weight: 400g
  • Material (body): Stainless 304
  • Material (handle): Black FKM rubber or Teak wood with solid Stainless core
Technical Details