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Premium Sit-Flat Naked Portafilter
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The BUCK™ is a naked portafilter crafted from a block of forged, machined, and polished stainless steel. Much like the Unifilter, it is designed to sit flat on a countertop, eliminating the need for the awkward hanging-off-the-edge-while-tamping of standard portafilters. Available in 2 styles of handle, both the FKM Rubber and Solid Teak handles have a solid stainless core which gives it the heft and strength to last a lifetime. While optimized for use with any Unibasket™ size, the BUCK will work with all standard 58mm baskets. Available for PREORDER now, shipping by mid November.


The BUCK™ is a crafted from a block of forged, machined, and polished stainless steel. The handle core is solid stainless and runs the length of the handle. 


All handles have a solid stainless steel core to give them heft and longevity. That is covered either by a thick FKM rubber sleeve, or a cored-out solid piece of solid teak wood sanded and finished with a non-VOC oil that will patina over the years like a piece of fine Danish furniture. They are both built for life.

Included in package

  • 1 BUCK, with either FKM Rubber or Teak handle.
  • 1 Portafilter retention spring, optimized for Unibasket™
  • 1 Pack of 58mm EPFs


  • Fits standard 58mm portafilter groups with exposed group, including:
    LaMarzocco (all except KB-90), Slayer, Synesso, Kees VanDer Westen, E61 group head, Decent, Flair 58, etc.

Victoria Arduino Compatibility Note: The BUCK is compatible with VA machines, however it locks in significantly to the right of center. 


The BUCK has started shipping in September 2023. New orders should be delivered by mid-November 2023.

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The BUCK in action.

Finally a premium portafilter without the fuss. Sits flat, built for a lifetime, accepts all baskets.

Sits Flat

No more hanging off the edge of the table for the tamp, and no need for a special holder for puck prep. Just lay it flat on the counter and approach your puck prep with surgical accuracy.

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Technical Specifications & Details


Technical Details

  • Size: 227mm x 83mm x 32mm (8.6" length, 3.3" width, 1.2" high)

  • Weight: 530g (Teak), 570g (Rubber)

  • Material (body): Stainless 304

  • Material (handle): Black FKM rubber or Teak wood

Technical Details