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Premium Sit-Flat Naked Portafilter
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The BUCK™ is a naked portafilter crafted from a block of forged, machined, and polished stainless steel. Much like the Unifilter, it is designed to sit flat on a countertop, eliminating the need for the awkward hanging-off-the-edge-while-tamping of standard portafilters. Available in 2 styles of handle, both the FKM Rubber and Solid Teak handles have a solid stainless core which gives it the heft and strength to last a lifetime. While optimized for use with any Unibasket™ size, the BUCK will work with all standard 58mm baskets.

Availability & Delivery

Our next batch will be ready for sale and immediate shipping in early April 2024. 


The BUCK™ is a crafted from a block of forged, machined, and polished stainless steel. The handle core is solid stainless and runs the length of the handle. 


All handles have a solid stainless steel core to give them heft and longevity. That is covered either by a thick FKM rubber sleeve, or a cored-out solid piece of solid teak wood sanded and finished with a non-VOC oil that will patina over the years like a piece of fine Danish furniture. They are both built for life.

Included in package

  • 1 BUCK, with either FKM Rubber or Teak handle.
  • 1 Portafilter retention spring, optimized for Unibasket™


  • Fits standard 58mm portafilter groups incorporating E61 design with exposed group, including:
    LaMarzocco (all except Micra and KB-90), Slayer, Synesso, Kees VanDer Westen, Decent, Flair 58, etc.

Victoria Arduino Compatibility Note: The BUCK is compatible with VA machines, however it locks in significantly to the right of center. 

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Finally a premium portafilter without the fuss. Sits flat, built for a lifetime, accepts all baskets.

The BUCK in action.

Thoughtful Details

Sits Flat

No more hanging off the edge of the table for the tamp, and no need for a special holder for puck prep. Just lay it flat on the counter and approach your puck prep with surgical accuracy.

Technical Specifications & Details


Technical Details

  • Size: 227mm x 83mm x 32mm (8.6" length, 3.3" width, 1.2" high)

  • Weight: 530g (Teak), 570g (Rubber)

  • Material (body): Stainless 304

  • Material (handle): Black FKM rubber or Teak wood

Technical Details