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Puck Savers

Protecting Puck Integrity Globally
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The Puck Saver is designed to save your pucks from bad espresso machine flow that can lead to puck erosion, and help keep the dispersion screen on your machine cleaner after each use. The latter it does by acting as a sacrificial layer that you can clean in the sink after you knock out your puck. Made from 58mm Stainless 316L with 200 micron holes. We sell in packs of 2, 5, and 10, and one is included for free with all Unibasket and Unifilter purchases.

Why a puck saver?

Puck screens and discs and savers have developed a big following the past few years, and for good reason. They can help to buffer higher velocity water coming out of a group head dispersion screen, which has a tendency to erode the top of a puck and potentially induce channeling. They are also great at acting as a sacrificial layer to keep your dispersion screen cleaner. The saver is also easier to clean than the puck screen (a mesh part), which is great when you're not trying to alter the headspace above your puck.


0.19mm thick SUS 316L (marine grade) with 200 micron holes.

How to clean

Rinse under water immediately after use to clean. Easy does it.


Compatible with all standard 58mm portafilters or the Weber Workshops Unifilter/Unibasket.

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See Puck Saver in action.

A sacrificial layer to keep your dispersion screen clean, and prevent high velocity flow from eroding the top of your espresso puck.