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Moulin Salt Grinder

Premium Salt Mill
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Say bonjour to the Weber Workshops Moulin Salt, an heirloom quality salt mill to replace them all.

Built as a companion to our popular Moulin Pepper Mill, the Moulin Salt Mill was designed from the inside-out specifically for salt. Engineered ceramic burrs, zirconia bearings, and marine-grade stainless steel components guarantee a lifetime of perfectly salted dishes. For the salt + pepper set go here.

Grind Quality

In specialty coffee, grind uniformity is often examined under a microscope and evaluated at the micron level. Grind uniformity in pepper is generally limited to coarse, medium, or fine. The Moulin is crafted with the precision and quality of a top-class coffee grinder, and is capable of grinding from a fine powder to a salted-rim ready extra coarse. The easily adjustable dial allows for precise, repeatable, numeric adjustments. You’ll always know precisely how coarse you’re about to grind, no test grinds needed.

Build Quality

With a case built of solid aerospace grade aluminum, peppercorns will not be subjected to damaging UV light. All internal mechanisms are constructed with salt in mind. We use marine-grade 316 stainless steel, ceramic burrs, and zirconia bearings. The foot detail is crafted from a 316 stainless steel ring, a metal often seen in high end watches, co-molded with a thin Viton™ rubber ring to prevent marring your table or prep surface. The cap is fashioned with neodymium magnets, so it sits securely and removes easily for refills.

The Moulin is heirloom quality, built to last a lifetime if not more.


Dimensions: 54mm diameter, 165mm height (2.1” x 6.5”)

Weight: 500g (17oz)

Capacity: 88g (3.1oz)

Capable For: Salt crystals of any size, no wet salts. 

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