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Moulin Pepper Grinder

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Say hello to the WW Moulin (pr. moo-lahn). As with coffee, we take great pleasure in all kitchen endeavors. In the same we embody with our coffee products, we also love to revolutionize kitchen products. First released in 2016, the Moulin is the world's first true premium pepper mill.


Not content with what’s available in the world of pepper grinders, we set out to apply our knowledge of coffee grinder design to make the ultimate pepper grinder. By miniaturizing our coffee grinders and optimizing some key aspects for pepper, we were able to make a grinder far better than any the culinary world has ever seen. The Moulin gives you way more pepper volume per turn (no more constant cranking), super easy to clean and refill, dialed-in grind size, and a grind quality that puts a smile on Michelin-starred chefs. We now ship with a free bottle of premium Organic Kampot Mélange peppercorns from our friends at MillPepper.

Moulin ONYX MillPepper Combo Kitchen
Grind Quality
With coffee, people look at grind uniformity under a microscope and evaluate at the micron level. With pepper, it’s usually just coarse - medium - fine. We made a pepper grinder with the precision and quality of a top class coffee grinder, capable of grinding from a fine powder to a super coarse au poivre. The easy to adjust dial means you make tweaks numerically, not by sticking sticking fingers into the burrs or adjusting a fiddly thumbscrew.
au poivre all the way down to a fine powder, any grind size is possible
Build Quality
World class, unparalleled in the culinary gadget world. Our designers and engineers are veterans of Apple, and they applied their understand materials and manufacturing through and through. With a case built of solid aerospace grade aluminum, peppercorns will not be subjected to damaging UV light. All mechanical parts are built with food-grade stainless 304, and the burrs are made of case-hardened stainless steel. The foot detail is a Stainless 316 ring (usually used in high end watches) co-molded with a thin Viton ring to prevent marring your table or prep surface. The cap is held on with Neodymium magnets so it is secure, but pulls right off to refill. The Moulin is heirloom quality, built to last a lifetime if not more.
Moulin Heirloom Build Quality
Size: 54mm diameter, 165mm height (2.1” x 6.5”)
Weight: 500g (17oz)
Capacity: 88g (3.1oz)
Can grind: Peppercorns, coffee, any spice softer than coffee and smaller than a coffee bean.
Use for Salt? We made one specifically for that with ceramic burrs. See here.