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BIRD Paper Filters

BIRD Paper Filter
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While the BIRD can be used with just the stainless filter, it truly shines when brewing with a good paper filter. We teamed up with Cafec in Japan, the leading producer of high-end Abaca coffee paper filters, now also made in BIRD size exclusively for Weber Workshops. Available directly from us or soon from your local distributor.

Why a paper filter?

While the BIRD can brew a great cup of coffee with just the stainless filter, the Abaca paper filters can really make it excellent. Put simply, they smooth it out without reducing any of the desirable soluble compounds. Responsibly-sourced, eco-friendly fibers are produced exclusively for us in Japan by Cafec.

About the paper

In the paper creation process, the roller and the dryer drum operate at different speeds, yielding two different textures on either side of the paper. The smooth size goes against the coffee, and the rough side (the “crepe”) faces down for smooth liquid exit. It’s engineered to improve your coffee.


  • Made in Japan with premium Abaca coffee filter paper produced by the wet crepe method.
  • Precision cut to fit your BIRD perfectly.
  • 0.15mm thickness

Quantity per pack

Sold in packs of 300. They can be washed and reused, but performance decreases each time so we do not recommend that. Also available in boxes of 3,000 (20 packs).

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Abaca papers make the BIRD extractions sing.