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the ultimate in coffee bean storage
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Polymer BEAN CELLARS® are designed to be used by both professional and home baristas as part of a single dosing grinder workflow or as individual retail portions for cafe customers.

Each BPA-free, hard-wearing polypropylene Bean Cellar is capped with our proprietary one-way valve system that allows the CO2 of freshly roasted coffee to outgas, displacing the lighter oxygen out of the valve at the top of the cap. For purchase in bulk go here.

Included In the Box

- Set of 10 or 12 food-grade polypropylene bean cellars and caps. Integrated seals and valves.

- CNC machined solid Oak caddy, hand finished with German non-VOC wax (for options with Caddy)

- Stainless bean funnel (fits both glass and commercial bean cellars™ (for options with Caddy only)

Light vs. Air

Many customers ask us if light will affect the storage of the beans. The short answer is "no," as long as they are not stored in direct sunlight. From our experience and tests, as well as to the testament of our customers, the negative effects of opening and closing a vessel and re-exposing them to fresh air is several orders of magnitude more damaging to bean freshness than ambient light in a room. 

Recommended Pairing

Bean Cellar® Glass

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