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As you probably know by now, we take our grinders seriously. Wagyumafia takes their kitchen tools seriously, too. It was a match forged by the culinary gods.

As with coffee, we take great pleasure in all kitchen endeavors. We approached the Moulin’s design with the same desire to push the art forward that we embody in our coffee products. The result, first released in 2016, was the world's first truly premium pepper mill. In 2021 we extended that with a Kickstarter for the Moulin Salt, which landed itself amongst the top 10 most successful food products in crowdfunding history. The real kickstarter for all of that was chef Hamada and his words of inspiration: "Make it. It will be awesome!"


The Wagyumafia X WW MOULIN is made from solid machined and polished aerospace grade aluminum, with Stainless 316L internal pieces and accents. The burrs for the pepper mill are hardened tool steel for a lifetime of pepper showering, and the burrs for the salt mill are corrosion-free sintered ceramic with zirconia bearings.

The caddy is made of polished aluminum with a bent and polished stainless steel handle and a microfiber foot. 

Included in package


  • 1 Wagyumafia edition Moulin PEPPER grinder. Solid polished metal casing with hardened steel burrs.
  • 1 Wagyumafia edition Moulin SALT grinder. Solid polished metal casing with sintered ceramic burrs and bearings.
  • 1 Package Wagyumafia edition SALT, specially sourced by Chef Hama from Okinawa, Japan.
  • 1 Polished aluminum caddy with microfiber foot and stainless steel handle loop.


The Wagyumafia edition Moulin™ is a limited run, available now until all units are sold and gone.

About the Collaboration

This marks the first of a number of collaborations that Weber Workshops has engaged in with impactful craftspeople and artists in Japan and around the globe. This set of mills was produced in a limited edition run of 100 sets, each individually hand-polished and crafted. While they are all machined to micron tolerances, the hand finishing and assembly of each makes each unit unique. They each come numbered, and are intended to be functional pieces of art. They will wear in and patina, improving year by year with age. Should the burrs ever need replacement, they can be substituted for the Moulin burrs offered by Weber Workshops. As they are intended to be sold as limited pieces of art, they are unfortunately ineligible for return. Any out-of-box issues with assembly or functionality, however, will of course be handled by WW free-of-charge.

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Used by world barista champs, Michelin-star chefs, discerning cafes, and home coffee BOSSES worldwide.
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Chef Hama in Action with the WM MOULIN.

This is what you get when you cross our reputation in coffee with Wagyumafia's reputation in the kitchen: BOSS GRINDING.

Thoughtful Details

Machined Details

S & P tell you all you need to know about the contents. WM and WW tell you all you need to know about the vessel.

Technical Specifications & Details


Technical Details

  • Size: 54mm (2.1") diameter x 165mm (6.6") height

  • Weight: 1375g/set (3lb)

  • Material: Solid machined aerospace grade aluminum, Stainless 316L, Ceramic Burrs (Salt), Hardened Stainless Burrs (Pepper)

  • Shipping Weight: 3Kg

Technical Details