HG-1 (2020 Edition)

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UPDATE: Please note that we now exclusively produce the HG-2 grinder as a replacement to our HG-1 grinder. Be aware that any products with the same name purchased elsewhere are not produced by us and do not share our manufacturing or quality control.

Previous product details:

Coffee is a glorious ritual, vice, and hobby. When we first got into coffee, it hit us hard. We bought all the tools, scoured the best of the vintage and the new, but struggled to find what we thought was the perfect hand grinder. So we took it upon ourselves to create the ultimate one, the game changing product in a market seemingly full of options. After all, as many espresso enthusiasts will tell you the grinder is as important, if not more important, than the espresso machine. 

The HG-1 is built around the massive 83mm conical burr set used in the Mazzer Robur. We source our burrs exclusively from Mazzer, but apply our own unique secondary processes to partially season and make them suitable for hand-grinding, and then seal in the edge with a life-prolonging and completely food safe TiN coating. This will last both you and your children's family a lifetime of coffee grinding.

All HG-1s shipped with the following:

- Base HG-1 2020 edition unit (spiral cut gears, modernized handles),

- Installed with our proprietary food safe Titanium PVD-coated Mazzer burrs.

- Leather Basemat

- Blind Tumbler

- Static Wiper install kit

- Stainless dosing cup

- Hex wrenches for assembly and maintenance.


Learn more about the HG-1 features here: 

  • 83mm Conical Burr Set
  • Heirloom Quality Construction
  • Low Ground Retention
  • Easy to Clean