EG-1 Burrs

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We designed the EG-1 from the ground up, centered around the burrs. They are made to be easily cleaned, swapped and aligned to a standard never seen before on a commercial coffee grinder. These are our 3 options:



The ultimate all-around burrs that ships standard on all EG-1 v2 grinders. These burrs create a perfect profile for espresso all the way up to pour-over. 

These burrs will ship with additional M3 stainless steel dowel pins to use for mounting in an EG-1.



The ultimate burr for pour over coffee. We conducted our own independent laboratory testing using laser diffraction particle analysis, and saw that these burrs in an EG-1 produced fewer fines than ANY other major coffee grinder.

Please note that if you order these TOGETHER with your EG-1, they will be discounted by $150 and the difference manually refunded to you. 



The base burr from the Original V1 EG-1. This utilizes standard screw-mounting, and has a ultra high-wear black food-grade TiCN coating rated for 5,000Kg of coffee grinding.