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EG-1 Refresh Kit

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Each refresh kit includes 5 sets of spare wipers, 1 microfiber pad for the Bottom Burr Carrier, and 1 microfiber pad for the Bottom Bearing Mount.

Microfiber Pads

One each of the microfiber pads that go on the Bottom Burr Carrier and the Bottom Bearing Mount. While they can last for years and years with simple brush-cleaning, sometimes it's nice to start fresh and go back to new parts, just like the day it was finished in our workshop. Precision microfiber pieces are die-cut together with a 3M industrial adhesive backing so they will fit perfectly, the same as we use on our assembly lines.

Spare Wipers

5 sets of spare wiper blades for the EG-1 grinder. These are custom die-cut with the double-sided adhesive offset from the edge so that it will never come into contact with the coffee. The two alignment holes make replacement a breeze. Replace each set every month or so as needed in a cafe setting, and nearly never for home use.

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