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HG-1 Easy To Clean

HG-1 Hand Grinder Easy to Clean Weber Workshops

Making coffee can be a process, a routine, or a ceremony. Measuring out the beans, tamping the grind, steaming the milk all are part of the experience.

Part of preserving that experience is remaining connected to our food. Eggs come from chickens, milk comes from cows, and the best coffee comes from freshly ground beans–not from weeks old pre-ground coffee vacuum sealed in pods. We feel that making coffee isn’t about convenience, it’s about quality. And the price we pay for quality is it can get a little messy – coffee grounds on the counter top, spilt milk, and coffee rings on the morning paper. Eventually we have to clean up.

We’ve made that part easier.

When it comes to cleaning an electric or hand driven grinder, it usually requires getting the toolbox out. You have to dismantle the machine in order to access all of the the nooks and crannies where coffee grounds hide. Chores like this are usually reserved for the weekend when you can put aside a block of time. As a result, cleaning isn’t something you do every day, but rather when you can find the time or inclination. This results in coffee grounds trapped inside the grinder growing stale and rancid, affecting every shot you pull.


The HG-1 has been designed from the start to be both simple and easy to clean. The upper funnel can be lifted away to reveal the top of the burr set. A few quick flicks with a brush removes any stray coffee grounds. The lower funnel is held in place by 12 strong rare earth magnets and can be removed with a simple twist of the wrist. Once exposed, the lower burrs can be cleaned in a flash.

You don’t need to search for a screwdriver every time you clean your grinder and you don’t have to remember how to put it back together when you’re done. Cleaning the HG-1 takes seconds not hours. And with all the time you save, you can have another cup of coffee.

We believe that any product that we or anyone else manufactures that comes in contact with food has to be easy to clean. Cleanliness is about quality and most importantly, safety. No excuses.