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HG-1 Construction


Modern society is unfortunately centered around overconsumption. Single-use plastic cups, fast fashion, and items actually engineered for timed obsolescence. We've had our fill of that, and have opted for an older and seemingly forgotten approach of building things that are meant to be used indefinitely. 

Build Quality

The HG-1 frame is constructed of 20mm thick 6061 T6 aluminum plates that are sandblasted and anodized to provide a tough outer shell. Hardened spiral mitered steel gears on stainless steel shafts connect a 15mm diameter flywheel to the conical grinding burrs. The CNC milled burr assembly and gear housing, along with four industrial grade sealed bearings, ensure precise alignment of the grinding elements. The alignment is done at the factory, and also designed to be re-aligned on every major axis by the user with simple tools.

There is no motor to burn out or which requires servicing. The power comes from you.

We’ve also designed the HG-1 to be easily serviced by the end user. Our grinder uses standard off the shelf parts that are easily sourced and readily available.

Everything breaks eventually. We designed our grinder so that it is easy to fix.

We’ve built the HG-1 to last, both for this generation and the next.