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EG-1 Quickstart Guide

EG-1 Unboxing and QuickStart Guide


1 - Find a flat, dry counter space with access to a power outlet. The EG-1 is made to be usable in 90v ~ 240v regions without the need for a separate transformer. It uses a C13 style cable (such as a computer) that can be purchased locally as needed. A US-style 3 prong cable is included inbox.

2 - Using both hands, carefully pull the EG-1 straight out of the packaging. Use caution when pulling it out -- it is heavy.

3 - Put on the Bean Dish Part. This attaches as shown so that the stainless dowel pins align the part and the magnet holds them together.


4 - Put on the PF (Portafilter) Rail. The PF Cover is removed (as shown) and we recommend starting with just the circular rail to accommodate the Blind Shaker. Usage of the rails and the Blind Shaker can be found on our Youtube Channel here.

5 - Plug in unit with the included power cord. You may need an adapter for your country, but a transformer should not be needed as it works anywhere with a 90v-240v AC supply.

6 - Power on the unit with the switch on the back. The display should read "0"

7 - Adjust the RPM level to start. Turn the black knob counterclockwise to reduce to the 500-700RPM range (a good starting point). Note that the RPMs will display for just a second so they can be pre-set without running the grinder. 

8 - Press the On/Off button to start/stop the grinder. When the blades are spinning, the button will illuminate and the button will remain depressed. Be sure not to leave the grinder ON/Spinning for excessive periods of time. The mains power in the back only needs to be shut down when you wish to turn the LEDs off. The EG-1 will enter a sleep mode in 60 seconds and the LEDs will dim until the On/Off button is pressed again, where it will awaken instantaneously to start grinding.

9 - Adjust the Grind. Test grind a small amount of coffee to verify the initial setting. We usually ship with the grinder close to an espresso setting, but it will need to be adjusted for your brewing style and particular coffee. Adjustments coarser and finer can be seen on our Youtube channel here. There may be some small remnants of beans in the grinder during shipping, as we test grind ~200g of coffee on each unit before shipping. While we do clean, small amounts may remain during shipping.

10 - Grinding Coffee. When you are comfortable with the basic grind size, you can place your coffee dose into the Bean Dish. You may use either a "Hot Start" where the grinder is on/spinning before the beans are introduced, or a "Cold Start" where the beans are added before turning the grinder on. We typically recommend using a Hot Start when operating the EG-1. When the dose is finished grinding (around ~10s for a 20g dose), you can expunge any final amounts in the spout by clicking the "clicker" located to the back of the bean funnels. 

11 - Cleaning the Grinder. The EG-1 was designed to be the easiest grinder on the market to clean, hands down. This makes it a daily process with no tools required. This can be seen on our Youtube channel here.

12 - Relax and enjoy the fact that you are now a proud owner of the best single-dosing grinder on the planet.