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EG-1 Burr Alignment

A common complaint with commercial grinders is the inability to check or adjust burr alignment. In the majority of machines, burrs are buried deep inside the grinder which makes a visual or mechanical inspection impossible. If there is an issue, evidenced by uneven burr wear or inconsistent shots, manufactures don’t offer adjustment mechanisms to calibrate a burr set after assembly.

We designed the EG-1 to make it simple for the user to both verify and adjust burr alignment. Without the use of any tools, the EG-1 burr set is fully accessible in less than 20 seconds. Ease of access to the burr set facilitates both regular maintenance and daily cleaning. If necessary, adjustments to alignment can be made with a 4mm metric hex key in a matter of moments without having to disassemble the grinder.

Either watch this video or read through the text below to familiarize yourself with our revolutionarily simple process of burr alignment.


Step One
  1.  Remove the Upper and Lower funnels from the grinder.
  2. Adjust the grind level so that both burrs touch.
  3. Using a 4mm hex key, loosen the four socket head cap screws that attach the lower Bearing Mount to the side armatures. The screws should be finger tight and the lower bearing mount easy to shift along the same plane as the burrs.


Step Two

With one hand place fingertips around the outside circumference of the burrs, and on top of the gap between the discs.


Step Three

Shift the lower bearing mount till the two burrs feel completely concentric. Gradually tighten the four hex screws in a circular fashion to secure the lower bearing mount.