Moulin Pepper Grinder

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Say hello to the WW Moulin (pr. moo-lahn). As with coffee, we take great pleasure in all kitchen endeavors. We wake up early to scramble eggs, squeeze juice, and bake bread for our beloved families. Most meals are made out of necessity, but truly gourmet meals require love.

Our passion for food and family is rivaled only by our passion to create excellent products.

Luckily our experience in precision grinding coffee equipment translates perfectly to the world of peppercorns. We miniaturized the adjustment ring mechanism from the HG-1 and EG-1, spent over a year tweaking and perfecting the mechanism and design, and couldn’t be happier with the result. No more fumbling with the thumbscrew and sprinkling bits of an undetermined size. Now you can dial in according to the dish and unleash a shower of precise and even pepper grinds. Your soups, salads, steaks, customers, children, and loved ones will all appreciate the improved quality.

Starting November 2020, we have partnered with our friends at Mill Pepper to bring you an exclusive collaboration. All Moulin purchases will ship with a free 100mL bottle (a $30USD value) of a Weber Workshops exclusive mélange (black, red, white) organic Kompot pepper bottle. 

Now available in ONYX as well as our standard Silver color. Please note that the ONYX units will begin shipping at the end of August 2020.